Welcome to Birdbox Media

We design, build and publish acclaimed travel websites that have gained media attention worldwide. Here's a selection of the sites we have launched plus some we are currently working on.

Go Glamping
Launched 2008

The first website dedicated to luxury camping, or better known as 'glamping', Go Glamping was named by The Guardian newspaper as one of the best travel websites ever.

Launched 2015

Focussing on the growing popularity in cabin holidays, Cabinly aims to be the 'go to' website and has already been featured in The Guardian, Financial Times and even a Norwegian in-flight magazine. 

Hotel Haiku
Launched 2011

Hotel reviews in just 17 syllables, Hotel Haiku quickly captured the imagination of the world's media when it launched and its creator, Garri Rayner, was interviewed by Lauren Laverne for BBC 6 Music.

Holiday Pad
Launched 2006

A bit dated now but Holiday Pad was the first website of its kind in terms of curating unusual holiday idea, with many of the places featured often gaining wider media attention as a result.

Launched 2016

Currently in development, Foodled will eventually become a marketplace for food and drink related learning experiences throughout Britain initially with Europe to follow later.

Group Glamping
Launching September 2016

Utilising all of the experience and insight we have gathered running Go Glamping over the past few years, this new site will be dedicated to luxury camps that can accommodate large groups of guests.

  • “Cosy becomes cool: five great cabins to rent in the UK. Whether its cabins, huts, pods or even yabins (yurt + cabin), small is currently beautiful when it comes to glamping rentals. As the site cabinly.co.uk prepares to launch we pick five little joints where you can try out the downsizing dream.”
    — Cabinly in The Guardian
  • “This year I was determined we would find a dream cabin and actually holiday in it. I’m not the only one with a thing about cabins, a growing number of travel agents and holiday rental companies now specialise in them such as Cabinly.co.uk.”
    — Cabinly in The Financial Times
  • “Cabinly is a new site for booking stays in luxury cabins in the UK and Europe. Properties listed include a bothy in Galloway and a lakeside hut in Powys, with more to be added for the official launch in September 2015.”
    — Cabinly in The Independent
  • “Any travel bods on Twitter would have seen this one circulating like mad when it first launched, amid a whirlwind of praise. I wasn’t convinced at first but then I thought some more and I do admire someone who is bucking trends and making us question our internet habits."
    — Hotel Haiku, 50 Best Travel Websites in The Independent
  • “A new website, Hotel Haiku, has taken the concept of succinctness to extremes. Its reviews are all in the form of a haiku - a Japanese poem with just five syllables in the first line, seven in the second and five in the third."
    — Hotel Haiku, website of the week in the Daily Mail
  • “Check out these examples of extreme curation: Hotel Haiku is a travel website that lists hotels around the world, in an ultra-simple fashion. Information about a featured hotel is comprised of a single image, a short description and a link. That’s it."
    — Hotel Haiku, Innovation Extravaganza on TrendWathcing.com
  • “The 10 best campsites for luxury. Tents are so yesterday... take your pick from GoGlamping editor Garri Rayner's selection of superior sites."
    — Go Glamping in The Guardian
  • “Glamping has been growing in popularity over the past two to three years, says Garri Rayner, who created goglamping.net in 2008 to cater for a niche market, but now works full time on the site."
    — Go Glamping in The Observer
  • “If you want to stay in a flying-saucer-shaped cabin in Wisconsin, a windmill on Santorini or a house in the Lake District that featured on Grand Designs, Holiday Pad will sort you out. You can't book directly, so think of it more as inspiration, with links to the websites of unique, unusual places to stay across the globe."
    — Holiday Pad in The Guardian
  • “Well and truly tuned into to the fact that people are bored with hotels that are just, well, hotels. We want cabins! Treehouses! Converted post offices! Windmills! Caves! Holiday Pad has a knack for finding them."
    — Holiday Pad in The Guardian